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Education & Transformation

Your Guide to the Next Level.

I approach every coaching situation with a unique perspective, a dynamic presence, and a radical optimism that whatever compelled them to seek my support is exactly what they need in this moment. Each client is as different as their finger print and carries a set of gifts entirely unique to them. The work I do is to help people uncover their true potential for living a fulfilled life of prosperity, freedom, vibrant health, profound enthusiasm, and activating their true gifts in the world.

My Promise to You 

To Hold You to Your Higher Self & Empower You Every Step of the Way

I promise to stretch your edges, increase your emotional capacity, expand your mental limits, and lovingly push you beyond your comfort zone. I promise to collapse your barriers and support you in confronting the fears you have about living life at your next level. I promise to initiate you into the next version of yourself and show you how absolutely capable, resourceful, and powerful you truly are.

It is my belief that the seeds of genius are instilled in every single individual walking this planet. Your biggest fears and pain points are the access point to your genetic genius and I am here to help you ignite the fire inside to bring your unique gifts into the world. The world needs what you have to offer and it needed it yesterday! This is why I am completely committed to helping as many people like yourself come fully alive to help us make the world a place where we can all thrive for future generations to come.

Work With Me 1:1

Private Mentorship

What to expect:

Over the last 11 years of devoted study, research, lecturing around the world, and working with hundreds of people the work I do have evolved significantly from where it originally began. The foundation of everything I do is centered in natural nutrition and holistic health strategies. Over the years what has evolved for me is the intersection between the physical body and the world of our own mind ie the mind - body connection. This work is 100% about personal mastery and developing multi-disciplinary mastery so that each and every area of our lives can thrive as we become the healthiest version of ourselves. 

I take my clients through a customized transformational experience that includes natural nutritional protocols such as cleansing, detoxification, hormone balance, and rebuilding the integrity of the body itself. Once we lay the foundation I guide my clients through a variety of processes and experiences such as awakening dormant regions of the brain, increasing creativity and presence, upgrading the nervous system & healing stored stress based trauma. This is largely done through a combination of techniques I have developed called The Quantum Collapse Process which helps someone bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be and who they have been and who they know they can become! 

My clients also receive a road map, based on their unique experience, for how to navigate their way towards the life they desire to live, the health and lifestyle practices needed, and how to overcome outdated belief systems, negative thinking patterns, emotional stagnation, and spiritual confusion ie living in alignment with their core purpose and mission. 

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"In only 6 sessions with Ronnie my life was able to rise from the past into a powerful trajectory for my future. Each session perfectly addressed both getting me in balance that day, and formulating a new structure for my lifestyle that made sure to keep the balance moving forward. I’ve been staying on track - and staying inspired - thanks to the personalized and potent secrets I learned to unlock my own highest potential, and keep what I manifest for many years to come. Thanks Ronnie! "

Nome McBride
Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner, Entrepreneur

"Before I started working with Ronnie I was struggling with overwhelm. I would experience overwhelm, then I would freeze up and I wouldn’t take action. I would get overwhelmed with the fear of the unknown. Thoughts of all the things that could go wrong. At the time, I was contemplating moving out of the country, taking various course to expand my business and pursue an intimate relationship. During our work together I felt an expansion in my capacity to “hold” more without getting overwhelmed. I began experience higher rate energetic coherence. I felt more confidence with in myself. I began to trust my process. This allowed me to move into the unknown with courage, and more ease. I found that I could stand in uncertainty more easily. I started moving through overwhelm with more grace. It seemed as though things started began to effortlessly work out in my favor. I took a leap of faith moved out of the country to Australia to pursue my dreams. I am now feel more on path than I ever have before."

Reginald Lamar II
Health & Fitness Coach, Entrepreneur

"Ronnie Landis is a brilliant and inspiring transformation coach who shines his bright light at the health and nutrition sky! If you are truly committed to live the life of your dreams and you no longer accept mediocrity in your life, then Ronnie is definitely your guy for upgrading your nutrition, improving your health, empowering you for a conscious, boundless lifestyle while helping you to discover your soul’s truest desires! Ronnie, deep gratitude and love for supporting me with all your heart, passion, wisdom, uniqueness and out-of-the-box thinking on this exciting and magical journey called life!"

Nadine Burger
Certified Raw Food Chef & Instructor, Certified Raw Food Nutrition Educator, Living Light Culinary Institute

"Ronnie helped coach me through a vast array of areas in my life including health, business, family issues, the list goes on. He is a great listener and offered me a wealth of information, tools, resources and guidance that I’ve implemented into my life and experience many positive outcomes. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with him."

Estela Rodriguez
Health & Personal Transformation Client

"Ronnie is a wellspring of deep & complex knowledge. He is a mighty listener and therefore a sensitive illuminator upon the issues at hand. His approach is active, practical and positive. You will see where you need to build and restructure yourself on all levels of your life. His support and inspiration for your growth is rare. By engaging in the faithful counsel of R.L., your life changing results are expedited and a honest healing insured. This journey is for everyone, and can yield radical transformation if one has the desire and commitment, and most importantly, the belief that you are already your own hero!"

Lili Rincon
Health & Personal Transformation Client

"Ronnie is truly a man who is authentic and walks his talk. He is genuine in his approach. He is dedicated and passionate about sharing his love of vitality, longevity, optimum brain power, and the need to overcome mediocrity."

Kellie Sanderson
Health & Lifestyle Transformation Client

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