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Education & Transformation

Your Guide to the Next Level.

Ronnie Landis has spent the last decade in the fields of natural health, cutting edge nutrition, personal transformation, self mastery, and designing a lifestyle that meets the needs of the individual as well as connects us back to the inherent brilliance of mother nature. He has compiled the bulk of his extensive knowledge, practical insights, and highly unique perspectives into his online educational courses which are designed to take your learning experience to a completely new level.

Hold It In Your Hands

The Holistic Health Mastery Program

The Holistic Health Mastery Program is the ultimate foundation and guide to raw living foods & super food nutrition, upgraded detoxification protocols, accelerated healing, and creating a lifestyle that serves both yourself and the planet around you. There is a library of amazing recipes from juices, smoothies, raw food dishes, and highly functional recipes for specific conditions and performance goals.


"Ronnie Landis takes us on a tour of the leading edge of nutrition as well as detoxification and cleansing. He demonstrates how raw and living foods, super foods, super herbs, and living water helps us thrive, evolve, and experience The Best Day Ever in the age of information"

David Wolfe
Author of Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future, Eating for Beauty, Longevity Now, and Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms

"Ronnie Landis has compiled perhaps one of the most comprehensive books on the Lifestyle practices leading Peak Performance. Go through the book slowly, digest each chapter like a great meal, and with application of even a fraction of this book your health and wellbeing will undoubtedly improve. Application of all the principles will lead to mastery of the physical body. "

Wade Lightheart
3 Time Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, Author, Coach, International Speaker, President of AHA INC. Founder of the Institute of Advanced Natural Health Sciences

"Ronnie Landis shares his powerful message of health with such passion that you just know he is going to positively influence our world. He is bringing forth information that will no doubt awaken people on a grand scale, and delivering it in a way that those new to this uncompromising approach will want to grab hold of, and those who are within our community will make greater strides. There is really something to be said for a young man that exudes such charisma, deep knowledge, and ambition. I expect The Holistic Health Mastery Program to shake things up for the better as Ronnie undeniably speaks the truth."

Bethanne Wanamaker
Founder,, Co-Author of Superfood Beauty Elixirs & Co-Author of Thank God I:Stories of Inspiration for Every Situation, vol 3.

"I think what I love best about this book, "The Holistic Health Mastery Program," is that it inspires greatness. To inspire someone is to help them break physical limitations once set by their own minds. To inspire someone is a magical talent to have, and my friend Ronnie Landis has this talent. Inspiration is to take someone further than they could ever have believed to be possible. "

Lisa Wilson
Founder of The Raw Food Institute

The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program

Your life as it stands is the culmination of the thoughts, foods, actions, and behaviors you have participated in up to this point. Vibrant health, ageless beauty, and endless enthusiasm is your birthright. This book will show you how to activate your potential for healing, inspired living, and manifesting heaven on earth.


"The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program by Ronnie Landis is a brilliantly written alchemical synthesis of ancient dietary wisdom in which eating habits are seen as a most important part of supporting spiritual development. In his alchemical wisdom he helps the reader make the connection between both what they eat and think. For those interested in a reflective and thoughtful approach to nutrition this is a book well worth reading."

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D, M.D.(H), N.D.(hc)
Diplomate American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, Diplomate Ayurveda, Director of Tree of Life Center US and Tree of Life Foundation

"Ronnie Landis’s Inner Alchemy Youthening Program is a thoroughly researched, beautifully written book that is a must read for the evolutionary-minded individual who seeks to live the limitless physical, mental, and spiritual potential that is the human birthright."

Michael Bernard Beckwith
Author of Life Visioning, Spiritual Director of Agape Spiritual CenterJob Title

"Ronnie Landis means business with his new book. And his business is letting you know that YOU have the power to transform your personal legacy of health forever. Through natural foods, ancient wisdom and compelling new research, he shows you how to honor the temple of your body while unlocking the genius of your inner alchemist. Infused with a venerable plethora of inspiring quotes and easy-to-implement lifestyle transformation strategies, this book will motivate you to achieve your fullest potential and maximize your health, vitality, and joyfulness to new heights."

Jason Andrew Wrobel
Celebrity Vegan Chef, Wellness Edutainer and Host of “How to Live to 100” on Cooking Channel

"In the Inner Alchemy Youthening Program my friend Ronnie Landis takes us on a personal journey of scholarly research, self-discovery and spiritual awakening. In the process, he gifts us the keys that unlock the secrets to health and longevity. A totally illuminating and transformational work!"

Dr. George Lamoureux
DAOM, L.Ac., Founder, Jing Herbs

"Ronnie Landis has complied a treasure chest of health wisdom in his Inner Alchemy Youthening Program! Everything you wanted to know about the healing power of organic, whole foods, herbs, mushrooms, water, light, being grounded and much, much more! If you plan on living long and healthy, this is certainly a book to read."

Peter Ragnar
Author of "Finding Heart - How To Live With Courage In A Confusing World"

Holistic Lifestyle Mastery Courses

Short but Potent Tonic Herbalism Course

Tonic Herbal Mastery

Access ancient wisdom of the world's healthiest herbs..

The Tonic Herbal Mastery Program is a course Ronnie created based on the high demand he received from people around the world to do a course entirely on tonic herbalism and blender recipes. This course is likely the most in-depth, comprehensive, and easily accessible digital course on the wisdom and practicality of ancient herbalism combined with super food recipes. You will learn how to make the most incredible tonic herbal elixirs that will blow your mind, awaken your higher faculties, and satisfy your taste buds.

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Holistic Nutrition Certification Course

Holistic Health Mastery

Become a Certified Holistic Health Master.

Ronnie’s flagship program The Holistic Health Mastery Program is considered the masters class of natural nutrition and holistic health. This is a holistic nutrition certification program that breaks down every essential subject of next level health unlike any other course available on the internet..

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Entrepreneurship Program

Holistic Mentorship Academy

Business training & Holistic Health Entrepreneurship Development

Ronnie's Holistic Mentorship Academy sets the foundation for creating a coaching and mentorship practice that is based on integrity, expertise, wisdom, and sustainability. This is a powerful course for expanding your mind around what your health business can look and feel like while maintaining balance in your own life and assisting your clients with the results they deserve from working with you. 

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Join me and thousands of over Holistic Masters in training!

Become a part of the Holistic Lifestyle Revolution.


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