A Powerful and Proven 3-Step Process to Overcoming Self Sabotaging Habits, Shedding the Stress of Overstimulation, & Releasing Long Held Addictive Tendencies.

The 4 Week Online Group Coaching Program Begins Oct. 10th


3 Signs You Are Dealing With The Dopamine Dilemma

You FEEL tired, unfocused or have a lack motivation

Lack of motivation, mental focus and bodily energy is a sign that what you are used to doing is not working very well. There is a brand new operating system you need to embody in order to transcend the outdated software programs and belief systems you have been operating from.

You FEEL anxious, scattered or overwelmed

Persistent anxiety and stress patterns are a sign that you may be hitting an 'upper limit' and are stuck in a pattern of mental overwhelm, emotional exhaustion or simply do not have the right set of tools to reach your NEXT LEVEL. 

You FEEL an inner conflict with who you can be and who you are used to being

The inner divide between who you are used to being and who you know you can be is a symptom of overdoing what no longer works and struggling to make the changes needed to break out of old patterning.

What People Are Saying About the DOPAMINE SOLUTION


How Do You Know You Are Riding the
"Dopamine Rollercoaster" ?

You know you are caught in what I call the "dopamine dilemma" when your dealing with things like...

Decent to Poor Sleep Quality

Mental Fog and/or Scattered Thinking

Frequently Tired through the day

Relying on Stimulants to Get through the day

Being Stuck to Your "Smart" Phone, Day & Night

Waking Up tired in the morning and Staying Up Wired at night

Drinking or Smoking Too Much

Craving Foods that You May be Allergic Too (Immune System Imbalances)

Find Yourself Aimlessly Scrolling Social Media 

Losing Track of Short Term and/or Long Term Memory Recall

Struggling to Manage Your Daily Responsibilities

Feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed Out, (even just a little is not a good sign!) 

Avoiding Tasks and Putting them Off to "tomorrow"

In The Dopamine Solution Program You Will Learn How To

  • Release stagnant emotions, access the root of your habits & change the pattern

  • Override limiting beliefs, mental loops and anxiety patterns

  • Nourish your body, cleanse your cells and upgrade your health game

  • Increase mental focus, improve brain health and enhance cognitive performance

  • Manage your life energy and prioritize what's important

  • Tap into your intrinsic genius and live your best life

  • Create a healthy relationship with social media and media platforms

  • Map out the blueprint for your future from a place of integrity and confidence

What's Included In The Program:

  • 4 Week Online Group Coaching Calls
  • Complete Self Study Video Curriculum 
  •  The Dopamine Reset Protocol PDF
  •  Telegram Community Group For Support
  •  Ronnie's 15+ Years of Research and Study in the World of Health and Wellness

How the 3 Step Reset Course Works

Step 1: RESET - Setting the Foundation

In the 1st phase you will learn how to set a brand new framework for your life by exploring the science of dopamine, motivation & will power, neurological health, behavioral change, the role of trauma in addiction, how to quickly establish a new foundation for your lifestyle and starting the cognitive reset process.  

Step 2: REBOOT - Establishing New Habits

In the 2nd phase your brain begins to adjust to the new habits & patterns you implemented during phase 1 and goes into the 'rebooting process'. The "operating system" of the body is now uploading new information and deleting old patterns of the past. We explore how to unplug from the "matrix" and connect back into the sovereignty of your body-mind-spirt complex.  

Step 3: RECOVERY - Integration & Integrity

The 3rd phase is where the changes we made in phase 1 begin to really come alive and integrate deeper into your nervous system and daily mode of operating. This is where you will discover a greater sense of self confidence, self respect & increased vitality as your brain capacity improves & your sense of personal integrity deepens.  

The Course Format

The 30 Day Ultimate Dopamine Reset

Introduction into how dopamine works and starting the reset process

Setting the Foundation

A deep dive into exploring how dopamine effects all aspects of our lives and how to use it to maximize healing, motivation, focus, & productivity

Unplugging from the Matrix

Exploring the most common socially accepted dopamine habits such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee, cannabis, sugar, processed foods, social media, pornography, digital devices, & how to successfully unplug from addictive tendencies

The Initiation Phase

Going deep into the operating system of the mind-body connection by exploring how to self regulate the nervous system, rebalance brain chemistry, nutritional recommendations, & somatic trauma release modalities

The Integration Phase

This is where we integrate the insights, lessons, and experiences gained from the prior modules into the nervous system and they become part of our daily lived experience

Recovery & Integration

This final phase is where everything comes together and we take what we have learned through this reset process in order to architect a new blueprint for the future we now choose to create moving forward

These Words From Past Students Blew Us Away

Listen to Martine Deluna's Results from the Dopamine Reset Course


The Ultimate Dopamine Reset Is Perfect For You If...

1) You are someone who loves to learn, is passionate about holistic wellness and is wanting to experience what the next level of HUMAN POTENTIAL is really about! 

2) You're looking to make some powerful moves in your life and are ready to override the prior conditioning of outdated ideas, beliefs and lifestyle habits that do not produce the results you want!

3) You are HONEST with yourself about your own self limiting patterns and are ready to release the shame, guilt, self doubt & judgement that you have carried up to this point -TIME TO LET IT GO!

4) You are someone who knows that what used to work in our world no longer works and what is needed for the future is a brand new set of information & wisdom in order to upgrade the operating system of the human body and mind. 

Meet Ronnie Landis

Creator of the DOPAMINE SOLUTION Program, author 8 books on holistic health including The Addiction Free Lifestyle, and the upcoming book, The DOPAMINE SOLUTION! 

For 15 years I have been obsessively focused on researching and exploring the fringes of human potential and the last decade on studying every avenue of holistic health, nutrition, alternative healing methodologies, and personal development technologies in an effort to make the best of the best information available to everyone worldwide, as health, abundance, and wisdom is all of our birthright. 

I have coached and mentored hundreds of clients/students, lectured around the country, conducted international retreats, authored multiple books, created multiple courses, and my podcast has been heard by close to 1 million people worldwide. 

My unending passion for WHOLISTIC health and optimal performance has brought me all around the world and changed my own life, not to mention countless others and this is the fuel that drives my mission in the world! 

Overcoming addictions, limiting belief patterns, social conditioning, and restoring balance within the human body, as well as the mind and heart is what I live for and is what I specialize in with everyone I serve through my work. 

What Leaders in the Transformational Industry Say About Ronnie

When it comes to health, Ronnie has a keen sense of where we have been and where we are going.
DAVID WOLFE, Celebrity Spokesperson, Health, Eco, Beauty Expert

"Ronnie is a leader not only with a brilliant vision for humanity but with the determination, commitment, and audacity to bring that vision into reality."

Katerina Satori, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Spiritual Teacher

"Ronnie Landis has a passion for health and nutrition that is absolutely contagious"
Shawn Stevenson, Best Selling Author of Sleep Smarter, The Fat Code, and Host of the Model Health Show Podcast

"His focus on self-growth, peak performance, individualism, and mind-body connection will catapult you in the direction of your dreams – with your body, with your health, with your life.”

ASHAE SUNDARA, Women's Mentor, Entrepreneur & Leadership Coach

I can tell you that Ronnie Landis is the real deal. He has the knowledge, intelligence and compassion to take you to the next level.

DR. TIM JACKSON, Health Expert, Public Educator

Ronnie Landis is an innovative thinker whose influence on promoting optimum health continues to surprise and delight. To feed on his insights is to elevate your awareness, nourish your human spirit, and purely refine your beliefs about health. 

Mikhaila Christian, Model, Eco-Clothing Designer, Health Advocate

Ronnie is a rare one, a unique synthesis of linear biological knowledge on health, spiritual and esoteric wisdom and personal transformational process.

Dr. Matt Kreinheder 
Healer, Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Teacher

Ronnie Landis is wise beyond his years. When he speaks, those who can hear would be wise to listen. He is a polymath who has the ability to discuss in-depth many different aspects of the human experience & how to navigate our reality.

Mike Bledsoe, Leadership Coach, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host

Listen to Hannah Uhler's Experience in the Dopamine Reset Course


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Dopamine Reset Protocol PDF

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Reginald Lamar's Experience

I was struggling with overwhelm before I started working with Ronnie. I would experience the overwhelm, then I would freeze up and I wouldn’t take any action. During our work together I felt an expansion in my capacity to “hold” more, without getting overwhelmed. I felt more confidence within myself. I began to trust my process. I am more on my path now than I have ever felt before.

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