""Ronnie is a wellspring of deep & complex knowledge. He is a mighty listener and therefore a sensitive illuminator upon the issues at hand. His approach is active, practical and positive. You will see where you need to build and restructure yourself on all levels of your life. His support and inspiration for your growth is rare. By engaging in the faithful counsel of R.L., your life changing results are expedited and a honest healing insured. This journey is for everyone, and can yield radical transformation if one has the desire and commitment, and most importantly, the belief that you are already your own hero!""

Lili Rincon
Health & Personal Transformation Client

"In only 6 sessions with Ronnie my life was able to rise from the past into a powerful trajectory for my future. Each session perfectly addressed both getting me in balance that day, and formulating a new structure for my lifestyle that made sure to keep the balance moving forward. I’ve been staying on track - and staying inspired - thanks to the personalized and potent secrets I learned to unlock my own highest potential, and keep what I manifest for many years to come. Thanks Ronnie!"

Nome McBride
Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner, Entrepreneur

"Before I started working with Ronnie I was struggling with overwhelm. I would experience overwhelm, then I would freeze up and I wouldn’t take action. During our work together I felt an expansion in my capacity to “hold” more without getting overwhelmed. I felt more confidence with in myself. I began to trust my process. I am now feel more on path than I ever have before"

Reginald Lamar II
Health & Fitness Coach, Entrepreneur

What You Can Expect

  • A Heightened Environment of Positivity, Empowerment, & Deep Learning
  • 2 Group Mentorship Calls Per Month Led by Ronnie Landis
  • Weekly Q & A from Ronnie in our Private Censor-Free Community Platform (Not FB!) 
  • To Be Powerfully Supported, Encouraged, Recognized, & Assisted by Ronnie & Our Entire Community! 
  • Access to Holistic Entrepreneurial Opportunities & Further Mentorship Experiences
  • A Digital Community Membership Experience UNLIKE Anything Else Out There! 

How We Create Community

Community Training Calls

2 Group Mentorship Calls Per Month led by Ronnie and facilitated by the group. Every other week is a unique theme and topic to take your holistic lifestyle to the next level! 

Access to Powerful Courses, Trainings & Methodologies

Members receive 50% off of all Ronnie's courses and trainings. Get access to countless hours of course material, and access to any materials I make moving forward.

Private Community Group w/ Weekly Q&A + Expert Guests

We are using an amazing platform (not on FB) to build massive community engagement. This is a censor free zone that allows for full transparency, human connection, and access to each other's genius. 

Ronnie's 'Research Vault' Mystic Library

You will have access to over a decade of Ronnie's in-depth, distilled research on on a wide range of subjects in the form of extensive book recommendations and a full scale video vault of the best lectures, coaching content, and interviews in Ronnie's private digital library! 

This includes topics around Holistic Health, Longevity & Life Extension, Alternative Healing, Peak Performance, Cognitive Enhancement & Psychological Mastery, Emotional Development, Addiction & Trauma Release, Entrepreneurialism, Freedom Lifestyle Creation, Conscious Relationships, Truth Disclosure Research, and Much Much More! 

Sign Me Up!

The Inner Circle Is Perfect For You If...

You are someone who loves to learn, is passionate about holistic wellness, and is wanting to experience what the next level of "higher education" is really about!

You're looking to make some powerful moves in your life and know that having a pillar of support, feedback and training will be the perfect rocket fuel for your growth.

You're a leader who values living on your edge, and are hungry for simple, effect and game-changing education and opportunities to move your life, health, relationships and career forward.

You are someone who knows that what used to work in our world no longer works and what is needed for the future is a brand new set of information & wisdom in order to upgrade the operating system of the human body and mind. 

Hear what others are saying about Ronnie

When it comes to health, Ronnie has a keen sense of where we have been and where we are going.
DAVID WOLFE, Celebrity Spokesperson, Health, Eco, Beauty Expert

"Ronnie is a leader not only with a brilliant vision for humanity but with the determination, commitment, and audacity to bring that vision into reality."

Katerina Satori, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Spiritual Teacher

"Ronnie Landis has a passion for health and nutrition that is absolutely contagious"
Shawn Stevenson, Best Selling Author of Sleep Smarter, The Fat Code, and Host of the Model Health Show Podcast

"His focus on self-growth, peak performance, individualism, and mind-body connection will catapult you in the direction of your dreams – with your body, with your health, with your life.”

ASHAE SUNDARA, Women's Mentor & Influencer

Pricing Options

Select which membership option that works best for you.



PER MONTH ($197 after Nov.1st)

Access to Group Membership Private Community Platform

2 Live Group Video Calls w/ Ronnie Each Month

Access to 'Ronnie's Research Vault' Library

50% Off All Online Courses




PER YEAR ($1,500 after Nov.1st)

Access to Group Membership Private Community Platform

2 Live Group Video Calls w/ Ronnie Each Month

Access to 'Ronnie's Research Vault' Library

50% Off All Online Courses

Bonus: 1 2 Hour Coaching Call w/ Ronnie Included




PER MONTH ($597 after Nov.1st)

Access to Group Membership Private Community Platform

2 Live Group Video Calls w/ Ronnie Each Month

Access to 'Ronnie's Research Vault' Library

50% off all Online Courses

Bonus: 1 90 Minute Coaching Call with Ronnie Each Month


Frequently Asked Questions

Basic: This is best for you if you want the basic membership at the lowest price and access to all group coaching calls, research archive videos, and our private community group.

Streamlined: This is best if you want to receive a big discount on the overall yearly membership, pay it off in one payment, and also receive a powerful 1 on 1 mentorship session with Ronnie which is valued at almost the price of the entire membership.

Advanced: This is best if you want all the benefits of the membership program and also receive a powerful 90 minute coaching session from Ronnie each month. 

Your membership in Ronnie Landis's Wholistic Sovereignty Inner Circle Group provides you access to all included content, coaching calls, replays of coaching calls, private community platform, and access to all future updates and upgrades. 

As soon as you complete the enrollment process you will be emailed access to your account. You are free to join the Private Community Group, meet your fellow inner circle members and start exploring the incredible content already populated within the membership.

Depending on your membership subscription you will have various access points to Ronnie Landis. 

All members will have access to Ronnie through the Q & A format in the Community Platform and in the Bi-Weekly Group Mentorship Calls each month. 

If you purchase the monthly subscription then you can cancel anytime. You will be asked about the reason for cancellation as an attempt to understand the reasoning and to see if any improvements can be made to support you and our members moving forward. 

If you purchase the yearly subscription and wish to cancel within the 12 month timeframe you will be required to submit a basic reasoning and if nothing can be done to improve your experience we will work with you based on the remainder of your membership subscription. 

Yes! All of our mentorship group calls will be recorded and stored in our members database. Depending on your monthly subscription, if it includes 1 on 1 coaching calls with Ronnie that can be scheduled in a way that works best for your needs as well. 


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