My Thoughts on Death

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2019


“Death is a clearing house for false identities.”

Glenda Green

In life, there is one, undeniable, immutable, and unalterable fact that binds every human being and sentient creature on this planet together; the fact that we all have an expiration date in these physical bodies. Within the religious texts, spiritual teachings, and philosophical structures of virtually every ancient and pre-modern culture this truth resides as a fundamental teaching and is also used to initiate boys into men and girls into women. Archetypically speaking, what defines a boy or adolescent is their innocence and until one has experienced the loss of innocence ie becomes aware of the phenomenon of death they cannot mature and evolve into an integrated adult. Therefore, if one remains clinging onto their innocence and refuses to accept death as a natural cycle of life they will remain a boy or girl in an adults body, which in so many ways, represents the general culture of America.


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