The Mineral Theory of Longevity

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The entire field of nutrition could be simplified into biological mineralogy, the study of minerals as biological catalysts. Every biochemical, digestive, neurological, enzymatic, stem cell, and regenerative function of the body is reliant on the presence of minerals. If one studies minerals long enough they will bypass a lot of the hype and confusion left over from an endless graveyard of theoretical diets. If you know exactly which minerals dominant a certain food than you will further understand what that food does and is capable of helping you do. When the correct minerals are present the correct gene sequences take place. When we are running a deficit of key minerals, especially trace minerals, epigenetic switches that promote longevity remain inert and degeneration sets in.

Each mineral carries it’s own resonate frequency signature that cannot be emulated, duplicated, or mimicked by any other mineral. In addition each mineral activates capabilities in the human body that are intrinsic to that mineral. Some minerals by their very nature are anti-viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic. Some minerals potentiate the activation of certain vitamins such as vitamin c in the presence of iron/manganese or vitamin D in the presence of calcium. Selenium is involved in the activation of the telomerase enzyme which instructs our cells how to produce telomeres which shield our DNA from oxidative damage. When the right major and trace minerals are present the cells will easily drive off mutations such as fungal or viral infections. If specific minerals such as zinc, magnesium, chromium, silica, potassium, lithium, sulfur, silver, gold, indium, manganese, boron, lanthanum, and iodine are missing then the body is hyper susceptible to infectious mutations (mutated cells).

A factor of environmental pollution that each human walking this earth faces is radioactive toxicity. Ever since nuclear detonation testing began in 1945 in New Mexico the entire biosphere (geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere) has been irreparably polluted with radioisotopes. A radioactive isotope can be simplified as a radiation contaminated element or mineral. In order for a radioisotope to be produced an element that is stable will encounter wild or fast neutrons that cause the element to become unstable. This is always done artificially and is manmade which is why it is sometimes called manmade radioisotopes. Stable isotopes(or elements) emit no radiation whereas radioactive isotopes do. This is why low dose radioisotopes that emit gamma rays are used in diagnostic testing(disease detection), and in airport security machines. Radioisotopes produced in nuclear reactors or atomic bombs (detonation sites) are considered highly dangerous, cancerous, reproductively damaging, immunologically suppressing, and there is no safe threshold to radiation exposure. Radiation is the purple elephant in the room where as most people are concerned. You cannot see it, smell it, or taste it and the only way it can be detected is by using a gager counter.

Radiation detoxification should be implemented as a regular part of one’s health strategy. Consuming mineral rich raw foods, super foods, wild sea vegetables, and immune protective tonic herbs assists in displacing toxic minerals from the body. For example radioactive iodine 131 seeks to impregnate itself into the thyroid gland via the iodine receptors. If organic iodine is absent then the radioactive form will fill it’s place which can lead to hashimoto’s thyroiditis and related thyroid challenges. By consuming iodine rich foods such as high quality kelp or powered kelp concentrates the thyroid can push out iodine 131 and protect itself from radioactive toxicity. Consuming edible clays and magnetized earth compounds is essential for detoxing radioisotopes. In 1986 during the Chernobyl, Russia nuclear disaster over 500,000 tons of micronized zeolite clay was poured from aircrafts over the leaking reactors. Zeolites were also added to baked goods to neutralize radiation exposure to children and families as well as fed to exposed live stock. Zeolites and calcium bentonite clay are the most recommended absorptive and adsorptive magnetic mineral compounds for detoxing radiation. Clay compounds have been consumed for thousands of years as an intuitive directive for both animals and humans. This is called geophagy which means the practice of eating earth elements.

There is a deep aboriginal indigenous wisdom born within us that is related to the minerals found in our food. When someone endures a demineralized diet they begin to eject their intrinsic faculties for self awareness and earthly connection. Minerals anchor in our greatest potential for amplified states of consciousness into the cockpit of our bodies. The demineralized diet of civilization has influenced the degradation of the environment, animal welfare, chemical manufacturing, and a loss of connection to the planet. When someone begins to acclimate to a higher mineral dense diet of living foods and super foods they automatically tap back into their ancestral roots. The demineralization of the soil has led to an increasingly neurotic, irrational, and broken state of consciousness among society. Once people reconnect with the soil through gardening, grounding, or swimming in the ocean they regain neurological and emotional balance. The effects are increasingly magnified if the same people are on a high mineral rich living foods and super foods diet.

When we connect our roots back into the ecstatic skin of the earth we are reuniting with a once lost heritage of effervescent joy, robust vigor, and timeless wisdom.

In 1962 a French chemist Dr. Corentin Louis Kervran published a book called Biological Transmutation. This book established the foundation for one of the paramount principles of bio-mineralogy often referred as biological transmutation or mineral transmutation. This principle demonstrates that through enzyme reactions certain elements (minerals) that exist in one form can convert into a new form. This can be assumed as a form of pleomorphism where microorganisms alter their shape, size, and physiology based on the environment they incubate in. It has been widely assumed by modern science that elements do not alter their form with the exception of a nuclear reaction. With respect to the bias’s of the establishment the more one looks at this theory it suddenly becomes all too obvious. The flow of life stems from the constant change or metamorphosis of one thing into another or in this case one element into another.

Numerous experiments have been done to demonstrate that the body in a state of hyperthermia(excessive body heat) sodium intake will result in potassium output. It is an instinctive habit for humans and animals to consume salt in dry desert, and hot climates. Sodium initiates an endothermic effect causing the body to absorb heat, dissolve it, and release it through evaporation opposed to storing it in the organs and tissues. This process is due to sodium transmuting into potassium as the body requires it. Potassium is a cooling agent and the single most important mineral for extinguishing acid based inflammation. The most abundant source of potassium is raw green vegetables, vegetable juices, and water rich fruits therefore in a case of dehydration or chronic inflammation this is where we start. Because most civilized humans are domesticated under a processed food regime and do not consume organic mineral rich produce their bodies adhere to sodium as a viable potassium alternative.

One of the core reasons raw plant food diets are so effective against cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and heart disease is because they donate the required alkaline minerals and restore enzymatic processes which fuel mineral transmutations. Such transmutations involve sodium into potassium, manganese into iron, and silica into calcium. Two of the most popular mineral supplements that deserve intense scrutiny are iron and calcium supplements. Both of these minerals in supplemental form have proven to be dangerous accumulatively in low dosages and lethal in high dosages. Understanding the mineral transmutation principles one could simply educate themselves on which foods contain the highest amount of manganese and silica in order to reach their bodies iron and calcium needs. The most recommended mineral supplements and the top foods containing them are provided below.

One of the most hazardous theories that has pervaded the nutrition field revolves around calcium and calcium supplements. Every form of degeneration to the human frame including arthritis of all kinds, osteoporosis, skeletal compactions, joint stiffness, muscular atrophy, and organ damage such as kidney stones, gall stones, heart disease, pineal deactivation, and cataracts have a calcification derivation. Calcification is the over-accumulation of calcium residues that do not metabolize properly and latch onto structures in the body causing severe agitation, oxidation, and chronic inflammation. The leading mineral supplement purchased in health food stores and pharmacies is calcium. Conventional logic would imply because so many middle age to elderly Americans are consuming calcium supplements they would have strong healthy bones. According to statistics this is exactly the opposite of the reality which is the more calcium supplementation someone ingests the more brittle, damaged, and fragile their bones become. This is because the calcium found in these supplements are derived from geological end products of historic matter. This material is incapable of forming bone through normal metabolism, calcitonin production via the thyroid, vitamin K2, vitamin D3 via sun light absorption, or any other form of biochemical calcium registration. Instead of forming into the bones as claimed it forms on top of the bones, in-between the joints and spinal vertebrae, directly inside the ligament, cartilage, kidneys, gall bladder, and muscle tissue, as well as along the nerves.

It turns out the plaque formation within the arterial passages of the cardiovascular system that initiates a stroke and heart disease is made mostly of excess calcium. In determining a patients heart disease risk cardiologist use a coronary calcium scan to inspect the coronary arteries for residue of calcium particles as they realize calcification is the primary cause of heart damage. According to research performed on heart disease patients in all cases the person had an excess of calcium and a dramatic deficiency of magnesium. It turns out virtually every calcium associated condition can be worked out by increasing someone’s magnesium intake. Magnesium tends to chelate out calcium excess by increasing the solubility of calcium salts in the renal system and discharges them through urination. Kidney stones can form when there is too much calcium in direct proportion to too little magnesium. This is how calcium oxalate crystals are formed leading to kidney stones which scar the tissue lining of the urinary tract.

It also has come to light that increasing silica can increase calcium metabolism in the bones through biological transmutative factors. When someone has a long standing magnesium and silica deficit their chances of extra-skeletal calcification(calcium deposited in the soft tissues) increases. In replacement to calcium supplements it is recommended to use organo living silica and making herbal decoctions(hot teas) from horsetail, nettles, bamboo leaf, and oat straw. If someone has a calcification related issue such as kidney stones, gall stones, cardiovascular disease, or chronic arthritis it is recommended to take medium to high dosages of the amazonian herb chanca piedra(phyllanthus niruri). It is known in the amazon as the stone breaker for it’s propensity to help dissolve stone formations in the body.

For more detailed information on the relationship of minerals and human genetics read Minerals for the Genetic Code by Charles Walters.


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