Science Vs Scientism: The Truth about Scientific Dogma

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Science Vs Scientism

“Wonder has never been absent from science, but it disappears when we turn science into something mechanical.”

William Byers

Scientism is the clever use of the language, tools, and principles of science in order to create the appearance of science but in actuality it has very little to do with authentic and unbiased scientific inquiry. It is essentially a scientific religion that seeks to create perceived certainty in order to eliminate uncertainty and unknown variables in any given context as a way to silence curiosity, inquisitiveness, and further questioning beyond it’s capacity to explain away the matter at hand. This represents one of the biggest conundrums of our day and age simply because the effects of scientism or scientific materialism on the human psyche are largely what is contributing to the mass level of predicaments we find ourselves in. The entire business of fear, as we have clearly detailed in this chapter, is a manifested byproduct of how deep the roots of scientism have traveled and to the degree that someone is incapable of breaking out of this mental conditioning is the degree they will never truly experience life in all of it’s wonder and glory.    

When we are in a pure state of wonder and awe our natural curiosity sparks and we become open to learn. The true essence of the scientific method is about exploring the wonders of life in an effort to learn what was not previously known and any true scientist will attest that the more we learn about what we did not know the more we learn that we do not know. True science, in its most pure form, is about innocent perception and observing life with as little pre-determined filters as possible to subjectively influence what they are observing. Scientism has nothing to do with innocent observation, rather is predicated on assumptions of knowledge about anything and everything and if the answers to a question are not available they are either manufactured(made up) or brushed off as if the question is not worth asking in the first place, simply because the scientism clergy did not provide the answers ahead of time. This is a crucial distinction to understand because the entire business of fear and every institution that opposes freedom are being operated from a scientific religious paradigm and this model of thinking has influenced the greater mind of humanity. Most people have become accustomed to wanting to know all of the right answers yet only a few stop and consider if we are asking the right questions in the first place. Eventually where this leads us is into a society of perceived intelligent people who are truly incompetent and incapable of thinking for themselves and will aggressively defend their implanted ideas as concrete truths, although these ideas are not their own and are taking these individuals further and further away from their authentic natural self.

Consider the words of Dr. William Lane Craig, “Scientism is a theory of knowledge. It’s not science.” What it says is that physical science is the only source of knowledge, so if something cannot be scientifically proven it is irrational to believe in it. It says you should only believe what can be scientifically proven. So let’s ask ourselves is the statement you should only believe what is scientifically proven scientifically provable and the answer is no therefore it is a scientific fallacy in of itself. The core of scientism is about reductionism instead of expansion and in this case it is about reducing individuals capabilities for critical thinking therefore not allowing one to expand their mind and create innovative solutions to the problems that scientism is responsible for creating yet authentic science could help us resolve. One of the challenges many face in our socially engineered society is the problem of confirmation bias. Wikipedia defines confirmation bias as the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses. Another way to describe this is as certainty bias, where one  subjectively filters out all variables and information that does not directly line up with their chosen bias of opinion/perception. It should be somewhat obvious to see the deep flaw in this kind of thinking and yet unbeknownst to most earnest seekers of truth in the fields of objective science this way of operating is a dominating force in the world.

One of the reasons this kind of thinking persists so heavily is not entirely nefarious or part of a global take over agenda of the collective mind, although I do not entirely refute that possibility either. What is more commonly happening on the individual level is that our society has convinced us through compulsory education that to be in doubt, uncertainty, and to not know all the right answers is somehow an indication that one is unintelligent, incapable, or incompetent. Being doubtful about virtually anything is highly frowned upon so to counter act this most people adopt a certainty or confirmation bias approach to life and develop an over confidence about their level of competence and understanding on whatever subject they choose to specialize in. The truth is that to experience doubt or temporary confusion about something is natural and normal. In fact, it is a healthy sign of humility and can set someone onto a path of deeper inquiry to understand a problem and how to solve it effectively and efficiently. The reason we do not have full scale echo friendly free energy generating technology in every field of industry right now powering the modern world is not because the technology does not exist or that we have not figured out exactly how to implement it accordingly. Those who run the biggest corporations in the world who are creating the greatest damage and liability on the worlds finite resources have chosen to perpetuate their own form of certainty bias and ignore or suppress any attempt at introducing innovative solutions that would render prior technologies obsolete.


“Experiments have found repeatedly that people tend to test hypotheses in a one-sided way, by searching for evidence consistent with their current hypothesis. Rather than searching through all the relevant evidence, they phrase questions to receive an affirmative answer that supports their theory. They look for the consequences that they would expect if their hypothesis were true, rather than what would happen if they were false.”


Wikipedia, definition and context, confirmation bias


Now when we begin to strip down the layers of scientific materialism (scientism) and probe a bit deeper into it’s true nature we begin to find that it is ultimately an attempt to convince the population that god, spirit, or any kind of universal intelligence in life does not exist. It teaches people that everything that could ever be figured out about life has been figured out and we need to put our attention on old, outdated, antiquated philosophies or superstitious spiritual based teachings. Scientism is hyper atheism in disguise and in it’s truest form which persuades people from trusting in themselves, in their chosen faiths, and hoodwinks them into openly disbanding from faith in anything that does not conform to the commandments of scientism itself. In the most bold and blunt way of distilling this into one statement scientism is the hijacking of science in order to bury god and character assassinate through defamation of character anyone and everyone who stands up to challenge it’s agenda.

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was a legitimate genius of his era and out of all the profound statements he made, possibly the most deadening quote of his is this; “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? This is a deeply profound set of statements and without investigation of each phrase it would be unlikely to determine exactly what he was saying. He was not making a theological statement that “God” was dead but that society as a collective whole and the individuals who follow along with it’s underlining agendas have killed off the Holy Spirit and replaced it with a rationalistic materialistic framework we now know as scientific materialism or scientism. This has created a fundamental disconnect between science and spirituality; matter and that which organized matter into form. In theological terms it can be said that God has been removed from it’s creation or the creation has been separated from it’s (our) creator. It is a common phrase in prior paradigms of the scientific community that science and spirituality are not mutually inclusive and never will the twine meet. What is more accurate is that scientism and spirituality will never meet because spirit is stamped out by scientism or willfully disregarded as irrational and “unscientific”. The reality is that science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin and are complimentary opposites that require one another and we require both for internal and external success and development as healthy and well rounded human beings.


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